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»  Privacy Policy
We take data protection and discretion very seriously and obey the applicable National and European Data Protection Laws. In the following, we briefly explain the most important aspects of our data storage. Your personal data is only processed and utilized, if you have given us your explicit consent.

1. Which data do we store?
We store the information that we have received from you. When you, for example. subscribe to the BlueBioTech-Newsletter and/or utilize one of the offered contact possibilities. Beyond that, we collect information about your interests by analyzing the clicks on our website.

2. What do we use this data for?
We only use your data to reply to your inquiries and questions.

3. How long do we store this data?
In general, we store all the information that you have transferred to us for an indefinite time. Should you no longer wish to have us use your data, we will of course respect this wish (also see Nr. 5).

4. Can you find out, which of your personal data we have stored?
Yes. You may, at any time and upon request, receive information about your personal stored data.

5. Can you authorize the deletion of your stored personal data?
Yes. At any time and upon request, you have the possibility of having your personal data, either partially or completely deleted. For these purposes, please use our contact form found on the BlueBioTech website. We will meet your demands immediately. As far as we are legally obligated to keep data, this data will be barred.

6. What are “Cookies” and do we utilize them?
Cookies are small text files that are deposited upon your hard disk during website visits. The information contained in cookies alleviates the navigation and make a correct display of our website possible. By the way, our cookies are not capable of identifying you as a person. You can prevent the storage of cookies by adjusting your browser-settings. Find out, how this can be done, by referring to the Browser manufacturer’s manual.

7. Can you appear anonymously or pseudo anonymously?
Of course, but please note, that we cannot fulfill certain services, if we do no know your name and address.

8. Do we forward your data to third parties?
No, your data will never be forwarded to third parties nor will they be sold, rented or traded. As far as we utilize subcontractors for the fulfillment of our assignments, we of course will commit them to protect your data and only use it for the given use. Beyond that, the companies are committed to handle the data according to this data protection declaration and the effective laws.

9. Data Security
All data will be stored on servers that are operated with a high security standard and protected from access by unauthorized persons and misuse.

Should you have any further questions or suggestions, we would be delighted in receiving your e-Mail.